Subject-Verb Agreement Worksheets for Grade 7 with Answers

If you`re an educator or a parent of a seventh-grader, you may be searching for ways to improve your child`s grammar skills. One area that can often be challenging is subject-verb agreement. Luckily, there are many worksheets available online that can help your child practice this important skill.

Subject-verb agreement refers to the proper matching of a subject and its corresponding verb in a sentence. This means that singular subjects (such as “the dog”) require singular verbs (such as “is”), while plural subjects (such as “the dogs”) require plural verbs (such as “are”). When the subject and verb don`t match in number, the sentence can become awkward or even confusing.

To help your child master subject-verb agreement, look for worksheets that include clear explanations and plenty of practice exercises. These worksheets should cover both singular and plural subjects, as well as a variety of verb tenses and sentence structures.

Here are a few examples of subject-verb agreement worksheets for grade 7 with answers that you might find helpful:

1. offers a printable worksheet called “Subject-Verb Agreement: Mix It Up!” This worksheet includes sixteen practice sentences that require students to identify and correct errors in subject-verb agreement. The answers are included on the second page of the worksheet.

2. has a series of worksheets on subject-verb agreement, including one titled “Subject-Verb Agreement: Middle School.” This worksheet features twenty practice sentences with multiple-choice options for the correct verb form. The answers are included on a separate page.

3. Finally, has a worksheet titled “Subject-Verb Agreement 2” that focuses on more advanced concepts like inverted sentences and collective nouns. The worksheet includes twenty practice sentences and a separate answer key.

By using these worksheets consistently, your child can develop a strong understanding of subject-verb agreement and improve their overall grammar skills. Not only will this help them in their academic work, but it will also benefit them in their future careers and communication skills.

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